LORD KRISHNA(legendary warrior)

bfc2145ab2c71b0774cee9a805de3af1KRISHNA-truth personified in human form.

When the fate of mankind reaches a stage when even man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed would fail… the coming of an avatar (God manifest in human form) becomes necessary. Lord Krishna was an avatar of his era… a distinct & evident form of GOD !

 Lord Krishna – the name itself means ‘The Destructor of Evil or ‘The Dark One.  “The naughty young boy, the mischievous adolescent, the lover, the flute-player, the fighter, the playboy, the desired one'”many things can be said of this Hindu deity.

 Lord Krishna ever since young age involved in tasks that were not only enormous but always stood for pure love and Dharma (principles essential for the UNIVERSE). Wherever there was evil, he was there to end it even as a child.


Lord Krishna(8TH INCARNATION OF LORD VISHNU) was born at that time when people were suffering from the tortures of evil powers”.

He was born 5000 years ago around July 19/20 year 3228 B.C during KRISHNA PAKSHA (midnight) in MATHURA. He killed demons from the age of 3 to 28 and fought for the rights of people . The life of Krishna is divided up into three distinct parts.

There’s the stories of the BABY KRISHNA and his mischievousness and miracles, then there are the stories of the TEENAGE KRISHNA killing KAMSA  and then there is the MIDDLE AGED KRISHNA who guides ARJUNA on the path to self-realization(being in relation to one’s soul) in BHAGAVAD GITA. Moreover, The stories of his play with the GOPIS (milkmaids) especially RADHA known as the RASA LILA and were romanticised in GITA GOVINDA.

The story of KRISHNA is deeply embedded in INDIAN CULTURE and the people of this land respect Him as a Divinity. The BRITISHERS,  who ruled our country for a long time never accepted these facts & has however left a doubt on the historicity of this highly adored Divinity.

But, there are LITERARY, ECOLOGICAL, GEOGRAPHICAL & ARCHEOLOGICAL evidences which prove the existence of LORD KRISHNA.

There are people who consider Krishna as a part of Hindu mythology (misconception) but Luckily this century which is famous for its thirst for investigations, has revealed many surprising facts, which prove that our scriptures (GITA & PURANA) were absolutely correct in their description about KRISHNA.


This article is for those educated Indians who doesn’t know what their true heritage was. 

I wanted to present a true idea of Indian history which was truly scientific, not just based on somebody’s perceptions or scriptures. For me  Krishna is the greatest form of soul & Gods… HENCE For the ultimate solution to all are problems we must be aware of Krishna’s existence. Sai-Form

Sejal Aggarwal